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Jeffrey Dahmer's house, Buffalo Bill's pad and 9 other 'haunted' homes for sale

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you must admit that these 10 homes on the market are pretty spooky.
/ Source: TODAY

Halloween is in the air and all around the country people are getting their spook on at “haunted” houses. Most of these places are pop-up businesses held in warehouses or other spaces that are specially designed to give you the creepy-crawlies.

But let's not forget all the real spine-chilling real estate out there. Especially these 10 houses, which are currently on the market. compiled a list of 10 “haunted” homes that are for sale. Each one of these properties gives off a ghoulish vibe, and it’s fun to imagine what ghosts might be roaming the grounds. Michael Jackson, John Lennon or Scarface, perhaps?

1. A Colorado Ghost Town

Courtesy of
Note the eerie etchings in the wood! The work of Butch Cassidy perhaps? He did hang out in these parts!Courtesy of
You won't have nightmares here, or anything...Courtesy of

If you’re buying a house in a ghost town, you’re asking for ghosts! Or at least, a haunted feeling. For $1 million, you can purchase 42 acres on an historic Rocky Mountain site called Upton. Once a railroad town, established in 1877, it was abandoned by the 1990s and has been virtually unchanged.

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2. The Sowden House (or the 'Black Dahlia' house)

Care for a swim in this ghostly pool?Courtesy of
Perhaps you'll never dine here alone...even when you appear to be the only one at the table.Courtesy of
No, there's nothing hiding in the bushes. Nothing at all!Courtesy of

Frank Lloyd Wright designed this spectacular estate in Los Feliz, near Hollywood, CA. Built in 1926-27, this 5,600 square foot home played a central role in the famous, unsolved "Black Dahlia" murder case. Former LAPD detective Steve Hodel says that his father, George Hodel, was responsible for the murder, and that it took place here. The grounds have been featured on the reality shows “Paranormal America” and “Ghost Hunters.” It (along with about a thousand nightmares) can be yours for $4.875 million.

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3. The Gustav Mayer House

Come in, come in, the Mayer sisters await you!Courtesy of
Come, have a seat, there's nothing to be afraid of...Courtesy of
The peeling red walls give an ominous feel to the shabby-chic room.

This Staten Island home is for sale for $2.31 million, which isn't so bad considering it has 10 bedrooms and encompasses 7,700 square feet. But it's definitely a fixer-upper, and possibly in need of some spiritual cleaning, too! It was built in 1855 by David Ryers, a commander in the New York militia, and bought 1889 by the Gustav Mayer, of Nabisco fame.

His daughters, Paula and Emilie, spent their lives there, and were such homebodies, they reportedly seldom left the house, lowering baskets out of windows to collect groceries. The house has become a favorite photo destination for fashion editors.

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4. Jeffrey Dahmer's Boyhood Home

Jeffrey Dahmer walked up this very driveway as a boy.Courtesy of
Here, he puts the lotion on the skin. Oh, dear...Courtesy of
Just an ordinary house, right? Right.Courtesy of

Some houses just have bad luck. Take this house, which is on the market for $295,000. The three-bedroom house in Akron, Ohio, was home to a young Jeffrey Dahmer. The Associated Press reported that “Dahmer and his parents moved into the house in 1968 when he was 8 years old. Ten years later, he committed his first murder there, killing a hitchhiker he had brought home and then burying the remains in the woods.”

5. JP Morgan's Camp Uncas

Nothing says scary like a 'cabin in the woods.'Courtesy of
Reflections bounce perfectly off this not at all haunted lake.Courtesy of
Cozy up by the fire, you may be feeling especially chilled.Courtesy of

The longtime home of legendary financier J.P Morgan is up for $3.35 million, a price tag includes tons of original furniture, including 13 beds, 12 dressers and more. This sprawling property in Syracuse, New York, could be home to some rather attached residents of the past. The mansion is rumored to be haunted by Morgan's daughter, according to writer Sean Shank.

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6. The Dakota Building

This room is bursting with character, dead or alive!Courtesy of
There have been many reports of ghost sightings among these gilded walls.Courtesy of
Part of the charm of the Dakota lies in it antiquated and downright ghostly air.Courtesy of

Many celebrities have lived in this apartment complex, including John Lennon, who was shot to death in its entryway. Yoko Ono still has an apartment here. Ghost stories abound around this property, which is alongside Central Park West, and many report things mysteriously going bump in the night.

Oddly, this particular unit, apartment 26, has been on and off the market for eight years, and has gone down significantly in price. Makes you wonder!

7. The 'Scarface' Mansion

If ever I were a ghost, I'd haunt this palatial mansion, too!Courtesy of
Imagine all the 'movie ghosts' haunting this gorgeous property.Courtesy of
The beautiful tile doesn't look haunted, but ghosts have a way of keeping up appearances.Courtesy of

Oliver Stone filmed part of his 1983 gangster flick "Scarface" at this Montecito, California, mansion, which measures 10,000 square feet. A scene of a mass shooting spree in the movie was filmed here, and though it was a purely fictional event, it is still a dark pop culture memory.

The property hit the market last year at $35 million, but the hefty price was recently slashed in half to $17.9 million.

8. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

These grounds once held many joyous festivities. Perhaps if you close your eyes, you can hear the laughter.Courtesy of
The ranch has such a peaceful look. Perfect for a resting ghost or two.Courtesy of
Allegedly, some property workers have reported seeing the ghost of Jackson here.Courtesy of

Despite the joy his music gave us, Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, didn't lead a particularly happy life. His massive estate outside of Santa Barbara was bought by Jackson in 1987 and turned into a place of uncanny extravagance.

Its 270 acres housed a zoo, a circus tent and a Ferris wheel, among other wonders. But the ranch's reputation took a dark turn when it became a source of police investigations following allegations of child molestation on the property. The property is valued at $100 million.

9. 'The Silence of the Lambs' House

It's a quaint Queen Anne, but in one movie, it was nothing short of horrifying.Courtesy of
Sweet dreams, Clarice...Courtesy of
Check out the beautiful stairway in the house where some of the scariest movie stuff ever happened!Courtesy of

Many movie fans will agree that the 1991 thriller "The Silence of the Lambs" is one of the scariest movies of all time. One home featured in the movie is this 1910 Queen Anne, which is where serial killer Buffalo Bill lived.

The four-bedroom residence, located outside of Pittsburgh, is on sale for $300,000. You can see more pictures in a past story here. Thankfully, movies are "just pretend," but it's hard not to imagine Buffalo Bill at gruesome work in this place!

10. The Boulder House

Welcome to my humble a'boulder!Courtesy of
The rocks in this home contain carvings that date back over one-thousand years.Courtesy of
This Stonehenge-type creation intrigues archaeologists.Courtesy of

If this house is haunted by anything, it's either aliens or creatures from the Precambrian era, which is when the rocks used to create it were formed.

A source of wonder for archaeologists, this house — literally fashioned out of boulders in Scottsdale, Arizona — is on the market for $4.2 million. Part of its value is attributed to its historic uniqueness. It contains thousand-year-old rock carvings and a Stonehenge-type structure.