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Jeff Rossen demonstrates 3 smartphone apps that can help keep your kids safe

Three new phone apps can help your kids safe when you can't be with them, and they're free: Companion, Circle of 6 and Lifeline Response.
/ Source: TODAY

Last year, University of Virginia student Hannah Graham was murdered. Now three new smartphone apps are available for free download to help prevent such tragedies: Companion, Circle of 6 and LifeLine Response.

On Tuesday, TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen demonstrated how they work:

  • Companion can send a message to anyone anywhere, showing them your child's exact location. The app uses the phone's motion sensors to send an alert if the user starts running, drops the phone, or has his or her headphones yanked out.
  • Circle of 6 goes even further, beaming the location of the phone's user to six people at a time if the user is in trouble.
  • LifeLine Response not only tracks a phone user, but will even call the police instantly if the user's thumb is removed from the screen.

All three apps are available free in the app store. LifeLine Response gives you 30 days free, then charges $4.99 per month.

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