It's a Snap! Viewers submit adventure pics before TODAY anchors' big trip

Next week's photo assignment: AMERICANA. What's great about these states united? Show us in photo form! Send in your best American travel pix.

For this week's "It's a Snap!" feature, right before the TODAY anchors hit the trail for their Great American Adventure in Chicago, Hawaii, Orlando and Yellowstone, and the just-unveiled Jersey Shore location, viewers sent in their photos of where they think the team should go!

From the Pacific to the Atlantic, from grazing buffalo to the peaks of the Windy City, to the ziplines of of the Everglades, viewers sent in their adventure pics of the places you just gotta hit in these fabulous American hotspots.

Scroll through the collection and vote for your favorite. When you're done, upload your own best AMERICANA work -- we may choose one of your photos for next week's spread!

And follow along and join in the on fun starting May 20 on the show, and online with #TODAYAdventure!