It's a Snap: Travel photos from around the world

Submitted by Terrie Santamaria / UGC / Today
The Parthenon in Athens at sunrise

Our readers get around. This week's photo gallery features stunning images from tranquil shores, chilly locales and manmade monuments, both ancient and modern. 

Scroll through this impressive set of images and vote for your favorite at the bottom. 

Submitted by Jim Perkins / UGC / Today
Arches National Park, Utah
Submitted by Patrick Sheridan / UGC / Today
The Little Sur River in California meets the Pacific Ocean
Submitted by Kaitlin Schubert / UGC / Today
A red uakari monkey, Iquitos, Peru
Submitted by Terrie Santamaria / UGC / Today
Oia church bells, Santorini, Greece
Submitted by Carolina Sanchez / UGC / Today
Los Roques, Venezuela
Submitted by Jim Perkins / UGC / Today
Bison, Yellowstone National Park
Submitted by Jim Perkins / UGC / Today
Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.
Submitted by Megan Starr / UGC / Today
The Three Crosses, Vilnius, Lithuania
Submitted by Natalie Masuraknight / UGC / Today
Early morning in Kinderdijk, the Netherlands
Submitted by Natalie Masuraknight / UGC / Today
A canal in Bruges, Belgium
Submitted by Laralyn Lamont / UGC / Today
Osprey, Snake River, Idaho
Submitted by Michael Iannone / UGC / Today
A backlit moss-covered tree, Olympic National Park, Wash.
Submitted by Greg Hollingsworth / UGC / Today
Along the Rio Grande, N.M.
Submitted by Timothy Gray / UGC / Today
Collared lizard, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Lawton, Okla.
Submitted by Len Brown / UGC / Today
Rincon, Puerto Rico
Submitted by Sheila Broderick / UGC / Today
From Newcastle, Northern Island, a view of the Irish Sea and Mourne Mountains
Submitted by Rich Briggs / UGC / Today
A morning view from Dead Horse Point, Utah
Submitted by Alison Arouth / UGC / Today
A view from Narragansett, R.I.
Submitted by Sarabeth Abrams / UGC / Today
Koi pond in Kauai, Hawaii

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