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iPhone's Siri can beatbox: How to make her show off the new talent

The personal computer assistant inside your phone has some free time, so she's brushed up on some serious skills.
/ Source: TODAY

When you're not using her to call people, set reminders and do research, Apple's Siri is keeping herself busy.

Apparently, the personal assistant that comes with the iPhone and iPad has spent some time learning how to beatbox.

Think we're kidding? Just go ahead and ask her.

Did you know Apple's Siri can beat box?
Did you know Apple's Siri can beat box?TODAY

The trick, which some online have noticed as early as last November, features the famous voice repeating the words "cats and boots," which according to Mashable, is a phrase used in a beginner's introduction to beatboxing.

As she lets you know while beatboxing, "I could do this all day" (But don't ask her to tackle other musical areas; she'll immediately let you know that she can't sing.)

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And beatboxing is just the latest trick to surface in Siri's arsenal. Try asking her to divide zero by zero, answer romantic questions, tell you just what the fox said (sort of) or any one of a number of other fun questions.

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Keep up the good work, Siri.

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