How to save money on everything: Hair care, home repairs, doctors' visits, more

TODAY experts offered a ton of money-saving tips for viewers (and anchors!) this week — so much so that we felt all the financially savvy advice belonged in one place. From guidance about medical expenses to hair care to gym memberships to home repairs, hear what our experts had to say:

At the doctor: Add up co-pays, medical tests and prescriptions, and medical expenses can be overwhelming. Dr. Natalie Azar offers tips to save time and money, like the best time to make an appointment (first thing in the morning) and which month to avoid elective surgery (July).

At the salon: Going to the salon for a cut, color and/or blowout can be pricey, but celebrity stylist Ted Gibson insists that doesn't have to be so.

At the gym: If you're looking to get in shape for the summer, the month of June (that's now!) might be a good time to sign up. Natalie offers some key tips to saving.

At home: Don't call your contractor until you hear what Josh Temple has to say. The "Flipping the Block" host offered up eight construction tips to save you money.

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