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How to haggle for better prices on apparel, electronics and more

If you ask nicely and do your homework, you could save big bucks this season.
/ Source: TODAY

Even as you load up on gifts, the holidays don’t have to be hard your wallet.

TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky stopped by Megyn Kelly TODAY to focus on three shopping categories where you can negotiate for a better price.

“Retailers are expecting you to negotiate these days,” says Chatzky. The key to saving some cash, says Chatzky, is to haggle. But do it in the most genteel way possible.

Here are her tips:

Clothing and department stores: Here's one question Chtazky says should be at the tip of your tongue: “Can you do better?” Ask to talk to someone in charge and be polite. In a smaller store, talk to the owner. In a department store, try the sales clerk first or ask for a manager. It helps if you’re a loyal customer, or if you buy a lot, says Chatzky.

Electronics: Price-matching is your friend when it comes to shopping electronics. Have your phone out showing lower prices at other retailers. In many cases, that’s all it takes. “You should know what the lowest price is on that item,” says Chatzky. The same tactics work for online shopping. Just use the live chat option to discuss pricing. “You can haggle for shipping. You can haggle for an extended warranty,” says Chatzky.

Car dealerships: “December is the best month of the whole year to buy a car because car dealers have quotas,” says Chatzky. Do your research before you go to the dealership to know incentives and pricing. And remember that you’re negotiating for the price of the car, financing and the value of the trade-in.