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How to delete apps on iPhone in 2021

This guide walks you through how to delete an app on an Apple iPhone.
/ Source: TODAY

There's nothing worse than running out of storage on your iPhone — and apps can be a big drain on that limited space. While cellphone-based video games can be a huge drain, getting rid of many smaller apps that you never use can also help free up storage.

Just remember that if you are deleting an app, you will also lose the information stored on it. So make sure to save it to another location if it's something you'll want to find again.

Which apps can you delete?

Any app that you download from the App Store (like games, streaming apps, social media platforms, etc.) can be deleted. Some default apps can also be removed, like the Notes, Music, Calendar and News apps. However, a few essential apps can't be deleted, including Messages, Phone, Safari and the Camera/Photos apps.

How to delete apps on an iPhone (or iPad)

1. To start, make sure you're on the home screen, the display featured once you've unlocked your phone and aren't in any applications.

Tons of applications, especially games, can drain a phone's storage.

2. Hold down the app you want to delete until the applications start shaking. An "X" will appear in the upper left corner of any apps that you can delete.

3. Hit the "X." You'll get a pop-up asking for confirmation of deletion, and reminding you that any data stored on the app will also be deleted.

4. If you're sure about deleting it, hit delete — and that's it! After a moment or two, the app will disappear.

How to reinstall a deleted app

Deleted apps can be redownloaded easily.

1. First, go into the App Store, and in the upper right corner, you'll see a blue profile image.

2. Tap on the image, and an "Account" menu will open. From there, select the "Purchased" option, which is the second option listed.

3. This will bring you to a menu of all of the apps you've ever downloaded, or you can narrow it down with the "Not on This iPhone" option.

4. Once you've found the app you want to download again, just tap the download symbol on the right side of the screen and it'll begin downloading.

However, just because an app can be restored, that doesn't always include its data. Be sure to back up or save any relevant information to another location before deleting an app.

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