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Here's what happens when Richard Branson catches you sleeping on the job

/ Source: TODAY

We've all done it (or wanted to do it): middle of the day, sleep coming on, boss won't see you catch a little shut-eye. But that's exactly when the boss decides to come over — and catch you in the act!

Fortunately for one young Virgin Australia employee, his boss Richard Branson has a sense of humor.

"I popped into the office [at Virgin Australia] and the airport to say hello and check in to see what the team are up to," Branson wrote in a Virgin blog post. "This guy wasn't up to much at all — I caught him sleeping on the job!"

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Richard Branson and his sleeping employee.Virgin Australia

And, of course, posed for a picture with the unsuspecting dozer.

Branson continued, "Wow, did he get a shock when I woke him up. He must have thought he was dreaming because he went straight back to sleep. To be fair, he was on standby, getting some much needed rest."

Up and at 'em!Virgin Australia

We're quite sure there were no long-term repercussions, unless you count the photos from the encounter going viral. Branson, fortunately, has a realistic sense of how the travel industry works when it comes to workers). And he's not afraid to poke a little fun at himself:

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As for the other employees, Branson kept the jokes coming, noting in the post: "On the other hand, it appears that some of the ladies in the command centre have been up to quite a bit. I must have kissed three or four baby bumps. We love a Virgin birth."

High-flying wit!

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