Help wanted: Must be able to show up to work on time

Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Empire State Manufacturing Survey / Today

There are nearly 14 million unemployed people in this country, but apparently it’s still pretty hard for some companies to find workers who can get to the office on time.

That’s according to Monday's Empire State Manufacturing Survey for August, which is published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The survey found that general business conditions have worsened for New York manufacturers, which is not too surprising given some of the other dour economic data we’ve seen lately.

The surprising data came when manufacturers were asked how difficult it is to find workers who possess certain skills. Apparently “showing up when you’re supposed to” is considered a skill, and one that’s actually somewhat hard to find, even when unemployment is so widespread.

Fewer than two in 10 manufacturers said they had no trouble finding people who were punctual and reliable. About the same percentage reported having “great difficulty” finding workers who can show up on time. The majority seem to be having some difficulty finding reliable, punctual workers.

Based on the survey results, New York manufacturers say it is harder to find punctual, reliable workers today than it was in March  2007, when unemployment was far lower.

Manufacturers also reported that it’s about as difficult to find workers with basic computer skills today as it was in March 2007. On the positive side, it is now a bit easier to find workers with good interpersonal skills, according to the New York Fed story.

Tip of the hat to Business Insider, which first noted the data.