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Guys who post lots of selfies have more narcissistic, psychopathic tendencies

Yeah, it's probably a good idea you avoided that guy posing shirtless in the mirror or giving a thumbs-up near a tiger. Turns out guys who post a lot of selfies are more likely to have narcissistic tendencies, according to a new study.

"Well, duh," you might say. "The Jersey Shore" already proved that. But the men in the study who posted lots of selfies also scored higher on tests for psychopathy and self-objectification.

That surprised Jesse Fox and her team of researchers at Ohio State University. The paper was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

Nobody in the study scored outside the normal range of behavior when it came to psychopathy or narcissism. Still, those who reported posting more selfies reported higher levels of narcissism (an inflated sense of self-worth ) and psychopathy (which involves impulsiveness and a lack of empathy) than those who did not.

They also scored higher on a test for self-objectification, which indicates that they value themselves more for how they look than other attributes. That can sometimes lead to eating disorders and depression. 

While this study only looked at the responses of 800 men, Fox plans to look at women who take selfies next.