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Gotham Steel pan, Galaxy S7, Air Curler: Do they really work?

The Gotham Steel pan, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, the Air Curler styling tool: Rossen Reports tests how well they really work.
/ Source: TODAY

They look so good in late-night TV commercials: Gadgets for your kitchen, your phone, even for curling your hair on the go. But do they really work? Rossen Reports investigates in "As Seen on TV," a three-part series.

In Wednesday's segment, TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen and the Rossen Reports team tested three home products well-known from TV to see if they would really perform "As Seen on TV":

  • The Gotham Steel pan commercials say burning cheese slides right off it and metal utensils don't scratch it. The Rossen team decided to see for themselves.
Jeff Rossen tests the Gotham Steel pan.
Jeff Rossen tests the Gotham Steel pan.TODAY
  • The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone gets doused with Champagne and dunked in a fish tank in the TV ads, so the Rossen team subject one to the same abuse.

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  • The Air Curler styling tool promises "luscious" curls in just seconds, but the Rossen team gets less than luscious results when they give it a try. (The maker of Air Curler tells NBC News that "it takes time and practice to perfect your technique to get excellent results" and that they stand by their product.)

Most of these products have reviews online and even videos of people trying them out. Doing research before you buy could save you a lot of time and money.

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