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By Ben Popken

It's the funniest (and oddest) tampon subscription service commercial you'll see all day. Hello Flo, a startup which delivers customers monthly care packages of "ladies' days" products, launched an amazing ad this week that has the Internet cramped with laughs and cringes.

Racking in over 5 million views in two days, the ad tells the story of a tween fixated on getting her period to catch up with her friends who've already gotten theirs. She paints a patch with red nail polish on a feminine pad and tries to swagger it off on social media, and to her mom, as the real McCoy, complete with eye-rolling.

Duping mom is one thing, but taking 'tude? No way. So this mom takes it to the next level, throwing her daughter a "First Moon Party," complete with menstrual-themed party games. There's even a "vagician."

The ad is a worthy sequel to the company's breakout ad last summer, "Camp Gyno."

The message in both is clear. Hello Flo, with its simple cardboard box and regular delivery, is discreet and convenient. Unlike periods.

Then again, you could always buy online, stow and save, but Amazon Prime doesn't have a hilarious and empowering bulk delivery ad.