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Frightening video shows plane struggling to land in vicious crosswinds

If you don't like to fly, a new video of a pilot dealing with fierce crosswinds while trying to land a commercial airplane will likely ruin your day.
/ Source: TODAY

If you're the type of passenger who gets a lump in your throat every time the airplane dips during flight, this is not the video for you.

A clip posted on YouTube by an aviation enthusiast shows an Airbus A321 pulling back up into the sky while attempting to land amid high winds at England's Birmingham International Airport.

The airport is apparently well known for the fierce crosswinds that blow across its runways. In this case, the winds were so stiff they forced the pilot to circle back around and attempt a second landing, which was successful.

"When conditions are less than ideal, the particular distribution of buildings and earth mounds, etc., around BHX usually claims the odd victim, as the unpredictable wind currents and eddies suddenly catch the unfortunate plane,'' the user "flugsnug" wrote in the description of the video.

Australian pilot Steve Ratcliffe of England's Thomas Cook Airlines commented on YouTube that he was the first officer on the flight. Video of its attempted landing was spotted by Mashable.

"Just another day at the office,'' he wrote.

While the video is unsettling, crosswinds are something pilots are taught to handle, and there are a number of clips of planes landing safely while dealing with those conditions.

"The pilot will bank into the wind, and then apply opposite rudder to turn the airplane away from the wind and align it with the runway,'' retired airline captain David J. Williams wrote on the site NYC Aviation.

"In effect, the pilot is making the airplane fly sideways into the wind just as much as the wind is pushing on the airplane. As a result, the airplane remains aligned with the runway."

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