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'The Force,' dragons and more delightfully nerdy April Fools' jokes

It's April Fools' day, when everything on the Internet is even less trustworthy than usual.
/ Source: TODAY

It's April Fools' day, when everything on the Internet is even less trustworthy than usual. That doesn't mean you can't send your friend a link and totally blow their mind before Gchatting, "April Fools ¯\_(ツ)_/¯."

Just a reminder: The following are all April Fools' jokes, in case you're tempted to quit your job and join the Jedi Academy.

The Higgs boson is no match for the power of the Dark Side.Max Brice and Daniel Dominguez / CERN

Large Hadron Collider finds evidence of "The Force"

Hold on to your midichlorians. The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland found something much more impressive than the Higgs boson — it found evidence of "The Force." A spokes-organism commented, "Very impressive, this result is."

The dream of the '90s is alive on

Amazon goes vintage

Shop like it's 1999 on Amazon and order some parachute pants and pizza bagels.

Handcrafted leather and wood selfie sticks

Back in my day, selfie sticks were built the right way, not like the cheap, plastic selfie sticks that kids use these days (except at Coachella).

Like a dinosaur, but much greedier.Anderson, Wayne/Bridgeman Images

Dragons? New "Nature" paper says they're real

The Khaleesi was right! Dragons are real, according to a new, not-at-all-fake-sounding study from "Nature," which states that "emerging evidence indicates that dragons can no longer be dismissed as creatures of legend and fantasy."

MS-DOS Mobile

Pssh, Windows 10. Who needs it? Just run your nostalgia.exe file with MS-DOS Mobile.

Elgoog ... that's Google, spelled backwards!Google

Search for Google search in reverse

Finally, a viable option for people who Google exclusively via mirrors.

Dolly Parton would approve.Branson

Richard Branson is moving Virgin to Branson, Missouri

The Virgin CEO announced that it "made sense to open our US headquarters in the hometown that bears my family name." Get ready for some changes, Branson! That apparently includes direct flights from Branson to San Francsico and "a new Branson-themed workout that will have gym-goers tossing hay bales and rolling wagon wheels across the gym."

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good app, must be in want of a wife.Kindlr

Goodreads launches Kindlr, a new dating app

It's time to delete Tinder. This app from Goodreads matches people by their taste in books and ... wait, why is this an Aprils Fools' joke? Make this for real, Goodreads.

Can your iPhone do this?Samsung

Chop vegetables with the new Samsung Galaxy Blade edge

Play "Fruit Ninja" while actually slicing up fruits and vegetables! This knife has "a set of sensors and algorithms that analyze your grip, dexterity and strength" and a "finger-detection mechanism" so you will never cut your finger. Just be careful when you put it in your pocket.