Flying ice: Winter storm brings hidden danger on the highway

/ Source: TODAY

Along with other winter woes, the snow that slammed the East Coast over the weekend brought a hidden danger on the highway: flying ice.

"The ice doesn’t have to hit your vehicle; it’s you avoiding that piece of ice," Lieut. Jason Delano of the Fulton Police Department in upstate New York told TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen. "The roads are slippery right now. If I try to move quickly, I can lose control and cause another accident."

Flying ice on the road can shatter windshields.TODAY

It doesn't take a major snowstorm for the danger to develop: Police say it takes just a few inches of snow to harden into ice on top of your vehicle and fly off. The Rossen Reports team spotted numerous ice-covered cars and trucks on the road in upstate New York. Fortunately, they came equipped with stepladders, shovels and scrapers, and sent a number of motorists safely on their way.

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