Flight attendant's routine gone viral is totally hilarious

Who says airline travel isn't fun these days? Here are just a few of the in-cabin zingers handed out by one sassy Southwest flight attendant:

  • "In the event you haven't been in an automobile since 1960, flight attendants still have to show you how to fasten a seatbelt."
  • "And that seatbelt needs to be low and tight across your hips just like the hot pink Speedo I'm going to be wearing when I finally get the three of us to a hotel hot tub tonight."
  • "Folks, if you don't like the jokes or the service today, there are six ways out of this airplane; you feel free to use them."
  • "Folks, please, it is a life vest, not a toilet seat cover."
  • "The message is just very clear and very very simple: Do not be naughty in that potty. Leave the webcam alone or you end up on YouTube next week."

The full video is pretty awesome. How do we get booked on one of this guy's flights?