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Five super-geeky marriage proposals (that ended happily)

by Rosa Golijan /  / Updated 
Crazy Monkey Studio
Crazy Monkey Studio

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Crazy Monkey Studio

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a geek in possession of a good sense of creativity must be in want of a wife. Or something along those lines. OK, Jane Austen might roll over in her grave if she knew about these five geeky proposals, but modern love can still be romantic.

Geek makes fake Harry Potter Android app to propose
When photographer, computer whiz and all-around geek Jon C. Hodgson decided to propose to his girlfriend of two years, he knew that he should give a nod to the fact that she is a huge Harry Potter fan.

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So he custom-made made a Harry Potter-themed Android app and convinced his girlfriend that she could win tickets to a Harry Potter showing by answering some trivia questions in this app ... and well, you can guess the final question.

(Oh, and if she'd tapped the "no" button in the app? Well, Hodgson was prepared with a popup message declaring "Oh, no! You killed Dumbledore" and an option to "reconsider.")


Man asks Internet to help him propose ... and it actually works
When a frequent contributor to BuzzFeed wanted to ask his lady love for her hand in marriage, he began with a post titled "Help Me Convince Katie To Say 'Yes.'" A BuzzFeed editor quickly added a note to the post, encouraging readers to help the man, Len Kendall, by "leaving an image in the comments persuading her to say yes and making Len the happiest man in the whole internets!"

It didn't take much more coaxing than that. The comments of Kendall's post quickly filled up with popular memes (which were edited to fit the message) as plenty of tweets with the #SayYesKatie hashtag began appearing.

And then ... SPOILER ALERT! ...

Katie said "yes."

Man live-tweets 12-hour proposal, woman says 'yes' anyway
While taking his girlfriend on a series of eight dates over the course of 12 hours — yes, you read those numbers correctly — a man live-tweeted ... everything.

Mike Duerksen explained, to his Twitter followers, that each of the dates was at a location of significance to the couple. And on the final date, by a bonfire in the same place where he first asked her out, Duerksen would propose to his girlfriend.

There were some small hiccups, such as rain and difficulties starting a bonfire, but in the end, the answer was "yes." Even if the husband-to-be spent most of the time glued to his phone, updating curious Twitter users on his progress.

StumbleUpon helps man propose to best friend
When one avid StumbleUpon user wanted to propose to another avid StumbleUpon user, he turned to the social bookmarking site's staff for a little bit of help. They set a very special "stumble session," so that sites themed around love would keep appearing until the most important part: A very special Tumblr blog.

The proposal blog shows several photo entries, each one with a 25-year-old man holding a different sign, with the final one asking "Will you marry me?"

If you want to see how the happy occasion played out, there's even a video, showing everything from the first stumble to the "yes."

Man proposes using Internet meme flashcards
There's probably no geekier way to propose to someone than by holding up a series of gigantic flashcards that use memes to explain that you're ready for marriage, despite initial apprehensions about the whole concept.

Naturally, that's exactly what one man did. Lucky for us, he brought a camera crew of four to document the occasion, so we can see exactly how things went.

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