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#firstsevenjobs: Ellen DeGeneres, Sheryl Sandberg and more share humble beginnings

Camp counselor? Baby sitter? See how your earliest jobs match up with those from celebrities who shared their #firstsevenjobs.
/ Source: TODAY

For those out there herding unruly summer campers, washing dishes or mowing lawns as you enter the workforce, there may be hope for you yet.

After all, actress Mira Sorvino was once a waitress, late-night host Stephen Colbert started out as a bus boy and TODAY's own Savannah Guthrie was a cookie store cashier and an aerobics instructor way back when.

Savannah Guthrie, aerobics instructor? Yup, it's true, before she was a TODAY anchor, she taught aerobics as one of her #firstsevenjobs.TODAY, Shutterstock

Those three are just some of the celebrities, political figures and more who have responded to the trending hashtag #firstsevenjobs by listing the mainly mundane roles they took on early in their careers before eventually reaching the road to prominence.

Of course, Ellen DeGeneres had to have some fun with her list. Who knew she was so attached to a career in exotic dancing?

There may be some paintings floating around of a naked Lin-Manuel Miranda from well before he was the star of "Hamilton" on Broadway thanks to one of his earlier jobs.

He listed "Drawing 1 model" as one of his jobs and replied to a Twitter user saying it was the "best paying job at Wesleyan. Got nekkid for 14 bucks an hour, real tasteful like."

Eric Fanning went from making biscuits at McDonald's to becoming the secretary of the Army.

Finally, if you want to feel either inspired about the possibilities of life or depressed about the slow trajectory of your career, seeing famous retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin's #firstsevenjobs should do the trick.

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