'Feeling lucky' is Google doodle shortcut

Google / Today
Google doodle of Hideyo Noguchi's 135th Birthday - (Japan) on Nov.9

Seems like every other day, there's a new Google doodle, so if you haven't caught all of them, no need to worry — there's a shortcut to those images for your viewing pleasure.

Gawker nightowl Matt Cherette discovered the shortcut and posted it on Twitter: "1) Go to Google. 2) Click 'I'm Feeling Lucky' without typing anything. 3) See every single Google Doodle ever created." (Thanks, Gizmodo, for the heads up.)

Sure enough, doing exactly that brings up the same Google doodles page we've sent people to before. There, you can see how awfully busy those doodlers really are, with logo variations all over the world. 

While there are a few global doodles — Louis Daguerre's 224th BirthdayMarie Curie's 144th Birthday, Art Clokey's 90th Birthday and Mary Blair's 100th Birthday this fall, for instance — most are specific to people and things significant to individual countries. 

Independence days, reunification days, election days — these are just some of the milestones doodlers pick up. Here are some images we found captivating, that we wouldn't have seen here in the U.S.:

Google / Today
Italo Calvino's 88th Birthday - (Italy) on Oct.15
Google / Today
Day of the Dead - (Mexico) Google doodle on Nov.2
Google / Today
Uganda Independence Day Google doodle on Oct.9

The ones we've seen in this country have been eye catching too, at the very least. Google has a decent track record when it comes to animating the doodles to the interactive level: the dancing Martha Graham-inspired piece, the animated interpretation of John Lennon's "Imagine," and the playable/recordable Les Paul guitar

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