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Facebook's 'Scrapbook' feature puts baby photos in one place

Facebook's new Scrapbook feature lets both parents put baby photos in a shared album.
/ Source: TODAY

If you're one of the new mothers or fathers that likes to post pictures of the kid on Facebook, you might have already run across the problem of how many places those pictures end up. Mobile photos, timeline photos, photos tagged with you, your partner, your child or maybe not tagged at all. Facebook's new Scrapbook feature aims to solve this problem, letting both parents put baby photos in a shared album.


It's a lot like other photo albums, but you send pictures to it by tagging them with a special word -- "Jamie," perhaps, or "JC," or just "baby." Any photos you or your partner tag with that word get sent to the scrapbook. And you can set it up so that anything put in the scrapbook automatically gets shared with your and your partner's friends, making it unnecessary to tag them as well.

Scrapbook should be available to anyone who's "in a relationship" on Facebook right now. Just head to your own profile, hit "About," then go to "Family and Relationships." There should be an option to start a scrapbook there and invite your partner to join it.