Eight throwback celebrity tweets for Twitter's eighth birthday

Happy birthday, Twitter! The social network officially turned eight years old on Thursday.

To celebrate, it's letting users look back at their very first tweets. Simply head to the #FirstTweet website and enter your username to discover what you thought was so important back when you started your account. 

You can even search for the first tweets from your favorite Internet personalities, such as Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, and Sean Parker, that guy who started Napster.





Hollywood celebrities! They tweet just like us. 







You can also catch a glimpse of your favorite sports stars testing the Twitter waters.



Yes, even billionaires decided to join the fun.



A common sentiment, from celebs and non-famous users alike, was resignation at joining the millions of people who were already tweeting. (Poor Drake. Somebody get him some Starbucks.)


New famous people are joining all of the time, including Hillary Clinton, who sent her first tweet last year. (Most of the TODAY anchors, on the other hand, have plenty of experience tweeting.)

So, how is the precocious eight-year-old social network doing today? With around 241 million active users, we would say Twitter is having a pretty good birthday.