Eggplant? Cactus? Trumpet? Map shows your state's favorite emoji

/ Source: TODAY

If you do a lot of messaging on your phone, there's a good chance you rely on emoji — those cute little icons representing everything from faces to foods — to help get your point across. Millions do, and a study of emoji use reveals some telling trends in who uses what — and, to be honest, some weird trends too.

Sure, it kind of makes sense that the cactus and ice cream emoji are used in Arizona more than any other state — after all, it's hot there. The jazz scene in Florida explains the popularity of the trumpet. And where do you think people use the surfing, wave and rainbow emoji the most? Hawaii, of course.


But then again, what's with Nevada's top emoji being an eggplant? Why does Kentucky like the moon so much? Is it bad that Oregonians use both baby and junk food emoji more than average?

The data comes from Swiftkey, which makes a keyboard for smartphones — users can allow their word and emoji use to anonymously tracked. Over a billion emoji went into this study, so the chance of these most and least popular emoji being a random result are pretty small.

Click around the U.S. using this interactive map, or read through the details collected here — you might learn something unexpected about your own state.