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By Devin Coldewey

If you played with LEGO as a kid, you probably remember the little computers and consoles that the minifigs were apparently operating inside their space stations and ships. Swedish designer Love Hultén has recreated those computers at full-size human scale — not only that, but they're fully functioning little devices.

Love Hultén

These working LEGO computers are meticulously crafted to resemble the originals, and not a piece is wasted. The nubs on the top of the bricks are volume controls, directional inputs and functional buttons of all kinds.

The phone is a real phone, with a huge 1x2 brick as the receiver, and that wavy line you see above is an actual oscilloscope. That particular brick is part of a series of audio effects and synthesizers that fit together (naturally) like LEGO bricks.

Love Hultén

Hultén is a fan of retro video games, as well, so the computer bricks are loaded with Atari and Nintendo classics playable with the controller brick.

"Like most people, I was raised by LEGO," Hultén writes in his description of the Brix System, as he calls it. "These were bricks that would trigger my imagination as a kid. 25 years have passed, and they still trigger."