Cup Noodles launches ramen-flavored ice cream in curry and soy sauce flavors

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It’s the end of summer, and you’ve spooned through just about every flavor of ice cream you can imagine just to keep cool during this season’s scorching temperatures. (OK, let’s face it, they all taste great, too.)

If you’re now looking for something new to capture your palate, Nissin Foods has just the thing for adventurous eaters: ramen-flavored ice cream.

Cup Noodles ramen-flavored ice cream comes in two flavors: curry and soy sauceCup Noodles

That’s right. Nissin Foods, the maker of Cup Noodles, has whipped up two new soft-serve ice cream flavors: soy sauce and curry. The Japanese company says the sweet treats taste just like the original instant noodles — and they come with the same toppings, including shrimp, diced meat, green onions, carrots and eggs.

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Shrimp on ice cream? Let’s just say it’s an acquired taste. Even Ben & Jerry’s, known for its inspired ice cream flavors, doesn’t list ramen among them.

A customer purchases 'instant noodle-flavoured' ice cream in a restaurant at the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama, JapanYOSHIKAZU TSUNO / AFP - Getty Images

Nissin launched the two new flavors of ice cream — which is served in its iconic Cup Noodles containers and sells for 300 yen, or about $2.50, each — this month to mark the 4 millionth visitor to its Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama, Japan. The museum opened in September 2011 and is a tribute to founder Momofuku Ando.

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Japan's Nissin Food recently launched ramen-flavored ice cream.Yoshikazu Tsuno / AFP - Getty Images

But unless you're in Japan, don’t expect to find the two new flavors where you live. The ramen-flavored ice cream is available only at the museum. So unless you’re planning a trip to Japan, you may just have to add a bit of Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter fudge to your own favorite flavor of Cup Noodles.