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Medium Craig McManus on using his 'natural gift' to help others

"If it's a natural gift that you have, it's a waste if you don't use it."
/ Source: Today

When Craig McManus would hear chatter in the halls of his childhood home, he was sure it was just an echo.

But the echoing continued through his teenage years — McManus started picking up bits of information and having visions. Eventually, he connected with a medium to see if he was operating with a similar skill set.

"It was difficult to figure it out at first. But I really was having experiences because I had a natural ability. And that's what people have. They either have it or they don't, and it's the natural ability that can lie dormant. And eventually, mine woke up," he told TODAY.

"When you really have psychic ability and you — with that psychic ability you have that extra level, which is mediumship, how do you tell a kid that, you know, they're really — they're hearing dead people?"

Craig McManus next to the Christmas tree
A very merry Christmas for Craig during the late 1960s.Craig McManus

When he hit his early twenties, McManus became less afraid and thought of his abilities as more of a gift. Now, he's a full-time medium who does one-on-one sessions and group readings. He also coaches other young mediums.

"If it's a natural gift that you have, it's a waste if you don't use it. It's like if somebody has a wonderful singing voice and they never sing. When you have true mediumistic ability, you really should learn how to at least use it to the point where it can help you or sometimes it can help others."

Craig McManus on using your abilities as a medium
"I can say for people out there that have the ability or think they might have the ability — there is a way to harness that ability, and make your life more fulfilling. To hide it or close it out sort of denies you part of you."Craig McManus

And for those who are a bit skeptic? McManus says it's all about your mindset.

"You should always stay open to possibilities because in life, there's more than the four walls that we see around us."