Crack the price tag codes and save

It's the cure for buyer's remorse. Turns out that some stores use the last two digits in a price tag to hide secret pricing information. If you can crack the code, then you can know if what you're buying is at the best price, or if the retailer might mark it down even further.

Using inside tips from current and former employees, Kyle James of rather-be-shopping has collected some of the the price tag codes for major stores. Want to save at Costco? If the price ends in .99, it's the full retail price. If the price ends in .97, then it could be a designated markdown. How about Home Depot? According to one of the insiders the site spoke with, any price ending in 6 means there's six weeks before the next price change. Expecting great things at Kohl's, in terms of savings? Check the letters in the top right corner of the digital shelf tag. A "GV" stands for "Great Value" and a limited time price drop.

More tips on decrypting the price tags for Sam's Club, BJ's, JCPenney, Pier 1, Petsmart, Land's End, American Eagle Outfitters, Sears, Target, and Office Depot can be found at

The site is constantly being updated with new information and your mileage may vary depending on geographic location, but the tips could help you save the next time you're cruising the aisles.