'Cosmo For Guys' iPad app: Not just 3-D sex positions

Screenshot of the kind of material you'll see in CFG
Screenshot of the kind of material you'll see in CFGHearst Communications, Inc. / Today

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By Athima Chansanchai

Cosmo is not just for women or girls, but also for men, who are now able to tap into their metro selves with today's debut of the iPad app CFG (Cosmo for Guys).

Available at the iTunes App Store for free, "CFG is packed with interactive features that reveal what a woman craves sexually and emotionally — and it doesn’t matter whether you have been with her for years, have just met, or are staring at each other from across the bar. In each new issue, you’ll find straight-up advice and specific, detailed tips and techniques that will help you satisfy her in bed and out. "

The screenshots, such as the one featuring Kim Kardashian, show that CFG is following the traditional Cosmo's fetching formula, with a Maxim-like twist and lots of naughty special effects, such as "3-D sex positions, viewable from every angle, with advanced tips to help you master your skills," and "audio samples of women's top five bedroom noises plus the hidden meaning behind them." (We advise wearing headphones while you try that one.) 

Guys can also pick up dating tips, clues to look for if their girl's cheating and help in finding the perfect gift, among other features.

The New York Times reports on this "secret following" of the infamous women's magazine known for its consistent array of sex and style tips. In keeping with that, the app has some ambiguity for self-conscious readers with the "CFG" label versus "Cosmo" in big bold letters.

Monthly subscriptions will cost $1.99 with automatic renewals until you cancel, or an annual subscription will run you $19.99, also automatically renewed until canceled. 

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