Company cancels James Bond luxury tour

LONDON —  A luxury goods and services company that had planned to offer a James Bond-themed world tour said on Thursday it was canceling the travel package "due to unforeseen circumstances".

Amar Thapen, communications manager of the website, said in an email: "I am sorry to say that both the trip and tonight's event have been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances" — the "event" referred to being a planned launch party at the company's London offices.

Reached by telephone to seek further clarification, Thapen would say only: "I can't comment."

The company earlier in the day released details of what it said was a $815,575 21-day, seven-country luxury tour for two following in the footsteps of the fabled Agent 007.

The package was to have included luxury hotels, three-star gourmet meals, private jets, sports cars, casino stops and speedboats.