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Christmas commercial's crazy plot twist leaves us asking, 'Why Grandpa?!'

A German supermarket commercial has gone viral thanks to a stunning plot twist involving a family gathering together for Christmas.
/ Source: TODAY

A new commercial for a German supermarket has a plot twist so stunning it has some thinking grandpa might have gone a little too far in order to get the family together for Christmas.

In a new spot for the German supermarket Edeka that has nearly 20 million YouTube views, a series of family members offer excuses for why they can't make it for Christmas, leaving a grandpa to depressingly spend the holiday alone.

The family then feels especially terrible when they are later informed he has died.

When the grieving family members then gather together at his home, guess who walks out?

"Just kidding, I'm not dead!" Grandpa figured that the only way he could get family together was to make them think he had passed away.

Savannah Guthrie summed up the reaction to the plot twist on TODAY Wednesday.

"That is the worst thing I have ever seen,'' Savannah said.

The reaction has been a little more mixed online, with some finding it emotional in a good way.

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