China scrambles to sell Suarez bite bottle openers


Now that Luis Suarez has been banned for nine games for biting an opponent during the World Cup, he's picking up work on the side, as a bottle opener.

Nearly as instantly as the images of Uruguay forward Suarez nipping an Italian player rocketed around the internet, Chinese manufacturers jumped in to take Internet pre-sale orders for a bottle opener featuring the infamous chomp.

The Wall Street Journal reports that nearly 200 merchants on Taobao, the e-commerce site run by China’s Alibaba, are selling the openers. The ads use an image of Suarez's head that went viral after the game, crudely cut and pasted onto a plastic soccer player key-chain. It shows him about to bite into a bottle cap.

“One mouth, one opener... one bite and it’s open,” reads the copy on one ad.

The bottle openers are not even available for sale yet, however. The Journal spoke with several sellers, some of whom said they were only putting the items up as Internet marketing to draw attention to their other wares, while others said they had received orders and had plans to manufacture and start shipping by next week.

No word on whether Suarez would be compensated for the use of his image. That's gotta smart.