For cheap Thanksgiving flights arrive and leave early

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The best deals for cheap Thanksgiving airfare have already flown like turkeys do not, but you can still gobble up some savings. The key is to arrive before most people want to, and leave before most people, says Mark Orwoll, international editor of Travel and Leisure.

When it comes to planning out your flight, remember that Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday. Most people want to arrive Wednesday and then leave on Sunday. That means that's when the tickets will be priciest. Instead, if you have some flexibility in your and your family's schedule, fly out out on the Monday or Tuesday, and then leave on Friday or Saturday.

Got it? Basically timeshift your Thanksgiving celebration a few days earlier on either end and you can save a few bucks.

Here's a few more ways to save too:

  • Check out new travel site You can just say the general region and time you want to fly and it will find you the best airfare and travel dates.
  • Twitter is full of deals, but it helps to seek them out. Try searching the name of your hotel and "deal" and see what you get. Oftentimes its free upgrades, breakfasts or even rate discounts.
  • Watch out for hidden airfare fees. Airfarewatchdog maintains a great list of all the latest fees to beware.