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Cedar Point's Valravn coaster: Take a thrilling virtual ride in this crazy video

Faint-hearted? Then don't watch this POV video of Cedar Point's new coaster.
/ Source: TODAY

Warning to the faint of heart: You may want to watch this virtual video of Cedar Point's new coaster well after breakfast, or long before lunch ... or never.

The "official POV" video, shared to YouTube earlier this month, offers viewers a first-person look at the new Valravn Cedar Point roller coaster — and we're not going to lie, it's chill-inducing even while watching from a safe, cushioned office chair.

When it opens, the ride will shatter 10 records, earning the titles of tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in the world. The Valravn stands 223 feet tall, sends thrill-seekers down 90-degree drops and reaches a rip-roaring speed of 75 mph.

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So, if you still think you'd like to give the coaster a go, you can head to the theme park this summer, when the Valravn is scheduled to open (though we don't know if we'll be joining!).