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Carl's Jr.'s Super Bowl ad has bikini model and strategically placed vegetables

Carl's Jr. has released an extended version of its new Super Bowl ad with model Charlotte McKinney and it's designed to catch your eye, especially if you like your veggies fresh.

The ad shows McKinney walking through a fresh farmer's market showing so much skin that the vegetables cropping up between her and the camera appear to be hiding her assets. Various men at the market gaze and stare. One loses control of his water hose.

"I love going all natural," intones McKinney in a voice-over. "It just makes me feel better. Nothing between me and my 100 percent, all-natural, juicy, grass-fed beef."

"This is par for the course for Carl's Jr.," said Richard Laermer, Chief Executive of RLM PR in New York. Previously the brand has used Paris Hilton and Kate Upton in its commercials in similar, indulgent, slow-motion scenarios.

In a year where many of the brands are going for more heartwarming and pro-female imagery, the Carl's Jr. ad could stand out by ignoring that motif. But Laermer doesn't think that was what the advertisers were cooking up.

"I'm sure it will get a big eye-roll from the fans, especially female football fans, a number that has grown astronomically in recent years," he said.

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