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By Ben Popken

Budweiser goes straight for the heartstrings in its new Super Bowl ad, revealed exclusively for the first time on TODAY. 

Called "Puppy Love," the ad is in some ways a sequel to last year's crowd pleasing "Brotherhood," which centered around a Clydesdale who was reunited with his trainer. This year, the Clydesdales are back, and they brought friends: puppies!

The ad follows a 10-week-old pup as he bonds with a group of new Clydesdales and grows up with them. Though he has to overcome some challenges, through his "dogged" tenacity he earns a spot on the team that pulls the iconic Budweiser wagon. It's sort of like the movie "Rudy," but told by animals.

During last year's Super Bowl, the Clydesdale spot was one of the most widely shared online. This year, the brewer is hoping for a replay.

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