A bigger iPhone screen? What to expect from new tech

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Rumors swirl about the new iPhone getting a bigger screen

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Rumors swirl about the new iPhone getting a bigger screen

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It’s a new year, and you know that means two things are going to happen that you just can’t escape. One, you’re going to have to pay taxes. Two, there’s going to be rumors about the new iPhone. A lot of rumors. 

This week in my top three, the iPhone is getting bigger, an amazing new calendar app will become your personal assistant, and you’ll get some fresh new threads packed full of the latest technology to come out of MIT.

iPhone 6 Rumors

The iPhone 5S feels like it just came out, and already everyone is talking about the iPhone 6, which probably won’t be released until this fall. It’s never too early for iPhone rumors, I suppose.

This one is perhaps a bit more than a rumor though, since the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is currently working on not just one, but possibly two larger iPhone models.

I hear people complaining that the iPhone screen is too small all the time, and many have already jumped ship to competitors because they haven’t gotten a 4.5” or 5” screened iPhone from Apple yet.

In many Asian markets as well, big phones are a big deal because so many people use their phones to watch live TV and streaming video, especially on public transportation, so it’s no surprise larger phones like the Galaxy Note are selling incredibly well.

Apple isn’t likely to leave money on the table and miss a huge market opportunity, so I'd say a 4.5" or 5" iPhone coming out this fall is virtually guaranteed.

This calendar gets to know you

It seems like there’s a hot new calendar app for iPhone almost every day, and right now the one making waves is called Mynd. Unlike a lot of apps which focus on how to best show you upcoming events and meetings, what Mynd does is much more clever. It uses algorithms to learn all about you to become almost like a personal assistant.

Mynd works with your existing calendar apps, but it gets to know you better by learning about the people you know and the places you use or type in frequently. With that information, combined with details like traffic conditions, how fast you drive, and how late you leave the house. All this together allows Mynd to give you eerily accurate reminders and notifications with details about when you actually need to start getting ready to leave the house to be on time for work, a meeting, or any event.

It really is like having a personal assistant, but without the cost of having to hire someone.

The highest tech clothes

A new menswear brand called Ministry of Supply is combining serious innovation with the latest fashions.

The clothes are for who they call the “performance professional”—people who strive for not just a work/life balance, but a way to seamlessly transition between both modes. Some are made with NASA’s spacesuit materials to keep you dry and help your body better regulate temperature in a variety of conditions.

Their Aereo Slacks are designed to offer amazing ventilation, with a design inspired by the intake on jet engines. Some of the fabrics in their other clothes look like dress shirts but feel soft like undershirts, and some shirts are ultra-durable and wind-resistant, perfect for a day at the office or a long hike.

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