Best Super Bowl ad teases unwrapped

These days, Super Bowl ads are all about the tease. It almost seems quaint to think there was a time when ads were kept under wraps until the big game. Now it's a several week-long event both before and after, with more advertisers uploading "leaks" and previews in advance. They're hoping to build pre-game buzz that will get online conversation going and draw viewers to tune in to their favorites. Although you can expect more and bigger reveals next week, here's a roundup of the best and boldest out now.

Who knew there was a softer side to the pungent body-spray brand that targets teen boys? In it, a tank driver, Arabian dictator with a nuclear bomb, and a Kim Jong Un look-a-like appear poised to execute a deadly act of war that turns into a heart-felt expression of love.

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AXE's 2014 Super Bowl Ad: 'Make Love Not War'

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AXE's 2014 Super Bowl Ad: 'Make Love Not War'

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For 90's sitcom fans, anticipation is running high for the Oikos Greek yogurt reunion with the boys from "Full House," John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier.

When the Butterfingers ad was first uploaded, it seemed like the candy bar was grabbing for the "Lord of Innuendo" crown vacated when GoDaddy decided to go more mainstream last year. The ad had a couple called "Peanut" and "Chocolate" going in a 70's era Masters and Johnson themed sex therapy waiting room seeking to spice up their relationship, perhaps with something "crunchy." After various wink-wink jokes, another couple, "Cheese" and "Crackers" emerge from their session, excitedly fondling a giant salami. Subliminal, it's not. 

The ad was removed from the official channels without explanation and replaced with a tamer one, but you can watch a hosted version of the first one here.

The web hosting company offers up a "better web" than one filled with memes, cash for gold schemes and punch the monkey banners. It opens with a man who swapped heads with a baby he's holding. Things gets weird from there.

One of the best "Super Bowl ad teases" out there is for an ad that won't even appear as the Broncos take on the Seahawks. Newcastle is running a teaser for a concept ad they say they considered for the big game but backed off because it was too silly and expensive. It features battle apes, friendship, Keyshawn Johnson as a skateboarding cat, and girls defeating a giant robot through the power of dance. You know, all the important things.

While not making our cut, a number of other teaser ads are out there too, like a twerking yellow M&M, a massive "The Game" style prank pulled by Bud Light, The Muppets meet Brooklyn Nine Nine actor Terry Crews in a Toyota Highlander, various heartwarming Pepsi teasers, a Jaguar trio of villains ad with Ben Kingsley, Intuit Small Business, Wonderful Pistachios with Stephen Colbert, VW's "Algorithm" ad mocking all the Super Bowl ad conventions, a Priceline ad, Danica Patrick in a muscle suit for GoDaddy, Doritos' "crash the Super Bowl" finalists including this "finger cleaner", and Audi's, featuring Sara Mclachlan singing a PSA for a "Doberhuahua."

Which looks the most "Super Bowl ad" worthy to you?

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