The best commercials of 2015: Geico's St. Bernard, Android's Friends Furever

/ Source: TODAY

From the hilarious to the touching, 2015 wasn't short on commercials that left a big impact.

What made us laugh? What made us cry? As the year comes to a close, we're taking a looking back at some of the most memorable spots of the year.

Geico: Family Unskippable

Geico's web preroll captures the changing landscape of media, poking fun at the idea that everyone hates watching ads before their content, trying to skip through as quickly as possible.

Amazon: Lonely Horse

Amazon's hilarious spot for Amazon Prime proves that, thanks to the power of phones, we can pretty much order anything and get it shipped overnight.

Android: Friends Furever

Google's Android ad shows that you don't need a single spoken word to have a hilarious commercial — but including cute animals in your ad doesn't hurt.

Apple Music: '90s Dance Party

The spot features Mary J. Blige, Taraji P. Henson and Kerry Washington, and shows a natural chemistry between the stars, offering what feels like a true inside look into the lives of these beloved celebs.

Nike: Short A Guy

Nike's memorable ad follows a boy who's always willing to step in to play any sport when invited, and finds himself in the midst of one busy day. Although, who would turn down a chance to hoop with Anthony Davis or catch a pass from Andrew Luck?

Ad Council: Everyone's the Same — Love Has No Labels

This PSA from the Ad Council focused on promoting diversity by showing couples through an X-ray machine, proving that if we can get past prejudices, we're all the same underneath.

Snickers: "The Brady Bunch"

Snickers' "Brady Bunch" commercial got everyone's nostalgia for '70s TV flowing when Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi where digitally inserted into the classic sitcom.