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Barbara Corcoran gets back almost $400K after phishing scam: 'I'm thrilled!'

The “Shark Tank” star has gotten back her dough!
/ Source: TODAY

After being swindled out of nearly $400,000 in an email phishing scam, “Shark Tank” star Barbara Corcoran has gotten her cash back!

"I’m thrilled," she told TODAY via email. "I had already accepted it and moved on. Everyone told me I wouldn’t get the money back and it just seems unbelievable!"

On Tuesday, it was revealed the 70-year-old entrepreneur had lost the $388,700 as a result of a fake email chain sent to her company.

"It was an invoice supposedly sent by my assistant to my bookkeeper approving the payment for a real estate renovation," she told People at the time. "There was no reason to be suspicious as I invest in a lot of real estates.”

But all is well that ends well, as it seems Corcoran caught the thieves early enough for their plot to be thwarted.

"The money was wired through a German bank on the way to the scammer’s Chinese account," she explained to TODAY. "But my bank put pressure on the German bank and they froze the money giving us time to prove it was fraud. I really thought it was a goner."

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Corcoran’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $80 million dollars.