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Avoid getting your bag stolen at the airport with this man's clever solution

Get excited — we're about to make all your suitcase problems disappear.
/ Source: TODAY

Get excited — we're about to make all your suitcase problems disappear.

Well, at least one. The one where your bag looks like every other piece of luggage on the carousel at the airport. We've all been there, watching identical black suitcases float by, waiting for the one that just might be yours. And now we have a solution to make your bag stand out, so you can avoid that awkward moment when two strangers reach for the same handle: Put your face on it.

That's exactly what this man did:

The hilarious photo of the man sitting next to a suitcase with his face printed on its front has gone viral, viewed more than 3 million times on Imgur in the past couple of days.

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"The best way to never lose luggage," poster jew3lr0se wrote, "is also a shrine to your former self."

Sure, it's hardly the most inconspicuous piece of luggage we've seen, but it's way more fun than those bright ribbons and name tags we affix to our suitcases.

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We don't know who the clever stranger in the photo is, but we do know he probably doesn't have to worry about strangers snatching his suitcase.

Interested in printing your own face on a suitcase? Prices start at $150 through this company.