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Are you a 'Super Bowl Baby'? NFL ad celebrates kids conceived after the big game

The NFL believes 'Football Is Family' — or, in some cases, the reason we have family!
/ Source: TODAY

The NFL believes "Football Is Family" — and, in some cases, it may make families.

During Super Bowl 50, the NFL is running a sure-to-be-buzzed-about ad introducing "Super Bowl Babies" — kids (and adults) who may have been conceived in the thrilling hours after their hometown teams won the Super Bowl.

Set to the Seal song "Kissed By A Rose," the 60-second spot features each group dressed as a gospel choir, singing about their births from signature spots in their towns — a New York rooftop (the Giants), a stretch of Indiana pasture (the Colts) a Texas BBQ restaurant (the Cowboys), the Golden Gate Bridge (49ers) and others.

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The eight groups ultimately unite to form one "Super Bowl Babies Choir" — a sweet culmination of fans from all different generations.

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According to ESPN, casting calls were held to find potential babies for each winning team represented in the ad — from the Packers (1960s), Steelers ('70s), 49ers ('80s) and Cowboys ('90s), to the Buccaneers (2003), Colts (2007), Giants (2012) and Seahawks (2014).