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By Ben Popken

Arby's is back at it with another pitch-perfect marketing stunt: an ad saying "sorry" to Pepsi.

According to the ad copy and a WSJ report, Arby's has an agreement to feature Pepsi in at least two ads per year. But this year, so focused on releasing ads with lingering shots of its meat, Arby's forgot to talk about what you wash them down with.

Pepsi sent Arby's a note in October reminding it of the promise and the fast sandwich chain came back with a doozy. It's 30 seconds of a single shot of a glass of iced Pepsi. The voiceover by Ving Rhames spends most of the time talking about how Arby's forgot to include Pepsi and how this is their makeup video.

"Arby's has an agreement to feature their good friend Pepsi in two commercials a year," says Rhames in the ad. "Well, Arby's messed up and forgot about the second commercial! So here it is. Pepsiiiiii... cool... refreshing... and goes great with Arby's sandwiches... and other Arby's foods... Arby's! We have Pepsi!"

Truth in advertising just hit a new benchmark.

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