Mario's Top 3: App to find where your fave musicians are playing and more

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By Mario Armstrong

TODAY's digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong shares his top picks for tech news this week, including a couple of his favorite apps. 

Find your favorite musical acts

The Bandsintown music app (and website) promises to take the pain out of trying to find concerts to go to, no matter where you are. It’s a location-based music discovery app, which means it helps you locate virtually any concert -- ranging from huge bands to local bar bands at the venues around you. If you are traveling out of town, you can check what’s happening in that city as well.

My favorite feature is that it will ease your fear of missing out. Tell Bandsintown your favorite bands and automatically get alerts when they announce tour dates in your city!

And since it’s not fun to see a show without your friends, you can even share concert information directly from the app and invite people to shows via Twitter, Facebook, email or text!

Fun way to share memories

Before there were Instagram filters that allowed you to pretend your digital photos were taken by an old camera, there were actual Polaroid cameras that produced those effects naturally. Remember that feeling you got watching the picture develop before your eyes? All that is back again with a big dose of technology.

Fuji has brought the instant gratification of Polaroid-style photos into the 21st century with a little wireless printer called the Instax SHARE SP-1. You just download their app, connect your smartphone or tablet, and then you can print credit card-sized photos that take a few moments to develop just like the old Polaroids!

My favorite feature is that you can use the app to pull up your Facebook or Instagram pics and print them out. They even have a variety of templates to use and you can add captions to the pictures you take. This isn’t something you get to replace your current printer, though. I see this more as something people will love to have at parties, family gatherings, celebrations etc. I’m planning a cookout at my house, and I know people will be taking pics and selfies. It’ll be really cool for them to instantly print some of those pics that they can take home with them. Instead of texting that selfie you just took with your best friend, now you can print it out and turn it into a lasting memory that you both can keep.

Android going everywhere

An Android phone in your pocket, an Android watch on your wrist and Google virtual reality goggles on your face? That’s the future of Android that was announced at Google I/O, the company’s yearly developer conference that happened earlier this week.

Google will really be trying to bring Android everywhere this year. They’ve also announced programs that will bring it into your car, a new initiative to try and get Android on TV, and even a way to run Android apps inside the Chrome web browser on your computer. Android developers are really pumped about all of this and that’s going to be great news for consumers.

Digital Lifestyle Expert™ Mario Armstrong is an Emmy Award Winning TV Host, Hashtagologist™ and Technology Contributor to TODAY. He hosts segments on HLN, the Fuse network and appears regularly on daytime TV including Steve Harvey and Dr. Oz. Read more from Mario at and follow him on Twitter @marioarmstrong and on Facebook.