Another Steve Jobs movie? 'Silly' biopic hits Web on April 15


All good things must come in threes. That's the only reasoning I've got to justify the fact that Funny or Die — a website focused on comedy shorts — is making a full-length comic biopic about Steve Jobs, dubbed "iSteve."

Though we're calling it the third, it'll actually be the first in wide distribution, because it will be released on the website on April 15, before the other films hit theaters or digital channels.

“In true Internet fashion, it’s not based on very thorough research — essentially a cursory look at the Steve Jobs Wikipedia page,” Ryan Perez, who wrote and directed the third Steve Jobs biopic, explained to the New York Times. “It’s very silly. But it looks at his whole life.”

Funny or Die informed NBC News that the movie is still being edited, but it should clock in somewhere between 60 and 75 minutes.

Justin Long, known for his roles in "Dodgeball" and "Waiting" — not to mention Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign — is playing the part of the late Apple co-founder. The New York Times' Brooks Barnes adds that James Urbaniak ("Venture Bros.") and Michaela Watkins ("Saturday Night Live," "Enlightened") will be in the movies as Bill and Melinda Gates, while Jorge Garcia of "Lost Fame" plays Steve Wozniak.

"We were kicking around the idea of making a fake Steve Jobs movie trailer, and as often happens in a writers' room, the joke kind of escalated," Allison Hord, who produced "iSteve," told the Times.

"iSteve" is expected to be a lighter counterpart to the other two biopics, one starring Ashton Kutcher and the other being penned by Aaron Sorkin. While the the Kutcher flick premiered at Sundance, its release date was pushed back. And the Sorkin version is still only in pre-production.

“We might not be the best, but we will be the first,” Perez joked while speaking to the New York Times.

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