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American Airlines flight attendant posts inspiring notes on plane windows

By taping inspirational notes on the inside of airplane windows, flight attendant Taylor Tippett has lifted the spirits of many passengers.
/ Source: TODAY

If you want to see people at their worst, just spend some time on the coach section of commercial airplane.

You'll find passengers fighting over the arm rests, slamming oversized bags into narrow overhead compartments and stepping over each other to get to the bathroom — all to the soundtrack of a crying baby or two.

In order to deal with all the chaos and crankiness, flight attendants need the patience of a saint.

Taylor Tippett, a 22-year-old American Airlines attendant based in Washington, D.C, has that, in addition to some words of wisdom she likes to share.

For around a year, Tippett has been taping inspirational notes to the windows of planes and uploading photos of them to Instagram with the hashtag #wordsfromthewindowseat.

Some of the messages are from pep talks given by a friend. Others are snatched from overheard conversations. Some are from her own journal. All of them are words that Tippett herself needs to hear at that very moment.

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“I like whatever I say to be organic and true to what I'm walking through," Tippett told "I don't Google or Pinterest cute little sayings. It has to be something I'm learning, that I can read and say 'Hey, I need that.'"

She came up with the idea during a particularly hard time.

"One day I was beating myself up for something and digging myself in a hole," said Tippet, who grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina.

"The flight was empty, so I was journaling [in the back row] and trying to uplift myself. I had my bag with me that had a pad [sticking out] and I noticed I wrote down, 'Be Kind to Yourself,’” she said.

“There was a gorgeous sunrise and I just decided to hang it up on the window to share it."

The notes are an extension of Tippett's genuine love of people and her love of being a flight attendant, a job she says has unique challenges.

"I adore people very, very much, and with the airlines, it's a totally different ballgame because you have to love them no matter what. Travel can bring out the worst in people."

Tippett's notes have not only inspired passengers, they've inspired fellow Instagrammers.

The hashtag #wordsfromthewindowseat has taken flight, as other users have begun scrawling their own sweet notes and taping them to airplane windows.

In addition to giving a little boost of hope and mystery, Tippett hopes her notes will simply help passengers enjoy the moment.

"[On a plane] you are taken care of. We are super trained and super ready. Just enjoy [the experience]. Find a reason to be grateful."

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