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Airline attendants plead with passengers: Stop doing this!

Usually, we read stories in the press about how annoying airlines are to us, the suffering passengers. But we give as good as we get.
/ Source: TODAY

Please adjust your tray tables and fasten your seat belts: This is going to be a bumpy set of revelations.

Turns out that while we may have lots to beef about when it comes to flying the mostly friendly skies, our smiling airline attendants are hiding a laundry list of complaints.

That list comes from the Facebook page Flight Attendant Career Connection (as reported in the Huffington Post) which is run by former attendant-turned-author Abbie Unger, so let's just say these come direct from the source. To keep your flight attendants happy, please cease:

Taking ages to know what drink you want.

Says user Corinne Spring, "You've seen me walking down the aisle with the drink cart for 20 minutes already."

MOSCOW - MAY 28: Unidentified air hostess of \"Aeroflot\" serves drinks out on board from Irkutsk to Moscow, May 28, 2011. \"Aeroflot\", the national carrier, leads in growth rate in 2011, Moscow, Russia.; Shutterstock ID 81402448; PO: Brandon for newsShutterstock

Deciding to use the bathroom right before the plane sets down.

"You've had HOURS to do so," said user Joe DiGregorio.

Along those same lines: Going to the toilet while meals are being served.

"Seriously ... you're in my way," said Spring.

Leaving trash in your seat back pocket.

"We walk through doing a garbage pickup every 10 minutes!" said user Valerie Reiter Kennebeck. Hint: That airsickness bag you probably haven't used is great for the really gross stuff.

Using the galley as a clubhouse.

"Do I come to your office to do yoga and hang around?!" asked user Nia Monet.

There are, of course, many more.

So now that you know, think you'll change your wicked ways?

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