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Need a good laugh? 6 more questions to ask Siri for hilarious results

If you want some entertainment from your iPhone, try stumping Siri with these questions.
/ Source: TODAY

It turns out asking Siri "What's zero divided by zero?" isn't the only question that leaves the iPhone's digital assistant answering with a little bit of 'tude.

After the TODAY anchors discussed Siri's sassy answer on Wednesday, our Facebook followers shared their best Siri answers with us. Some of the responses they received are just so witty that it's hard to believe it's a digital sidekick answering. Looks like Siri may be adding Apple's in-house comedian to her resume!

Check out the 6 other questions you must ask Siri and her hilarious responses.

1. Do you have a boyfriend?

Kimberly Zinke / Facebook

Or she could respond:

Lori Peters / TODAY

Maybe she'll be feeling extra creative and give this answer:

Hilary Magaro / TODAY

She also may feel hopeless and respond with this:

Titi Dagnew / TODAY

2. What did the fox say?

Angela X. Musso / Facebook

She may get enthusiastic and let the song inspire her response:

Kimberly Harper Huntley / Facebook

3. What are you doing Siri?

Stacy Smith Drake / Facebook

4. Have you ever fallen in love?

Stacy Myers DeVer / Facebook

Change up the wording and ask "Have you ever been in love?" for a different answer:

Angela Kabaroff / TODAY

5. What's your best pick-up line?

Donna Gilmore / Facebook

6. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Misty Pair / Facebook

Siri could also answer in a more serious tone:

Renee Berry Kerley / Facebook

Have you gotten a taste of Siri's sass? Share your photos here!