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By Suzanne Choney / Today

By Christina Montoya Fiedler, Tecca

Pinterest — say the word, and heads swivel. Everyone I know is using the site to collect everything from recipes and craft ideas to favorite new products and inspirational quotations. But my friends who are moms, in particular, are beginning to see the beauty of it all — and I don't blame them. As a parent, I've found Pinterest especially helpful in wading through the wonderful and sometimes overwhelming ideas on the Web.

If you're not one of the million people already using Pinterest on a daily basis, here's a look at how to set up your boards for the maximum parental satisfaction. These six board ideas are a great starting point for building the perfect resource to keep your family organized, informed, well-fed, and entertained.

Tecca / Today

1. She's crafty

Yes, this is a homage to one of my favorite Beastie Boys songs, but it's also the name of my favorite board in my Pinterest account. I'm not too crafty, but Pinterest makes me feel like a regular Martha Stewart. Case in point: the super cool (and super inexpensive) teacher appreciation gifts I just made. I won't even begin to tell you how much people liked the sock monkey wine bags that I made for Christmas. See? You too can be an instant craft mama!

2. Home, sweet home

Whether you rest your head in an apartment, condo, or house, a board dedicated to the place where you live is absolutely necessary. As parents, we know that our home changes as our children grow, so this board should be a reflection of that. Pin ideas for playroom updates, bedroom colors, nursery ideas, kitchen redesigns, and more. Even if you're not actually going to make the updates or buy the products, a little dreaming never hurt. Call it inspiration.

3. Out-of-this-world recipes

"Mom, what's for dinner?" I hear that about seven times a week (or more, if my son and my husband ask me on the same day). My recipe board on Pinterest has become my mecca for delicious and nutritious dinnertime favorites collected from friends and trusted sources. Homemade chicken tikka masala? Check. Roasted tomatillo chicken soup? Check. The list goes on.

4. Let them eat cake

We all have to indulge every once in a while, so why not let it be on lip-smacking desserts? A pinboard dedicated to sweet treats will really help you out in a pinch when you need an idea for a bake sale item, a killer potluck take-along, or a simple weeknight dessert. My favorites thus far are recipes for Meyer lemon bread and Greek yogurt chocolate muffins. I make it a rule to only post recipes that call for five or fewer ingredients and take less than an hour to make, but that's just me.

Tecca / Today

5. Baby and beyond

Even if you are done having babies, it's likely that your friends will still be having babies or someone you know will have a baby. And as parents, it's hard to pass by cute kid things without taking notice. A board dedicated to all things kid-related is a perfect place for gift ideas, new products, clothing, and more.  

6. Learning is awesome

It's all fun and games until someone needs to learn their ABCs or multiplication tables. I find this board extremely helpful for gathering and organizing ideas to make learning fun for my preschooler. It is also great fodder for the summer months when you want to keep learning fresh and top-of-mind for the fall.  

Expand and explore

Pinterest is what you make of it. While the sheer volume and variety might seem overwhelming at first glance, all you need is a solid set of boards to get started. Once you get the hang of it, create new boards to house pins that don't fall under any of the first boards you made so you can expand your Pinterest experience!

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