5 things foreign travelers find strange about the US

/ Source: TODAY

When tourists from all over the globe come to visit America the Beautiful, they also discover America the Strange.

We're not talking polarizing politics or major language barriers here. It's the little things that set us apart — and leave travelers wondering what the heck is going on.

According to some Reddit-based research from Business Insider, here are five of the most baffling things about the U.S.:

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1. Peek-a-boo bathrooms

We may be used to short doors on public stalls, but they're an oddity to those from elsewhere. Still, these doors are a shining example of American ingenuity. After all, there's no easier way to know if a stall is occupied than looking for feet under the door.

2. "Need a lawyer?" billboards

Injured? Know someone who's injured? Thinking about a future injury? Then there's a billboard — or park bench or city bus or subway sign — ready to point you in the direction of legal representation. It seems those ubiquitous advertisements are uniquely American.

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3. Supersized ... everything

When it comes to portions of food and drink, bigger is better. And even bigger than that? Better still. Evidently our jumbo serving sizes take some getting used to (and some belt adjustments).

4. Go out and drive-thru

Our habit of going out for a drive but not getting out of the car is a real head-scratcher for those who aren't used to buying dinner, coffee, booze and virtually anything else you could possibly want out of a window.

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5. Squirrels!

We have squirrels — and those squirrels have friends. Reddit users not only noted the heavy volume of bushy-tailed activity in the U.S., but one also mentioned that the rodents are "terrifyingly bold" here.

Head over to Business Insider to see the full list of our weird ways.