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3 ways you can support small businesses – beyond spending money

Shopping small isn't the only way you can support local businesses in your neck of the woods! (By TODAY with our sponsor Small Business Saturday)
/ Source: TODAY

Shopping small isn’t the only way you can support local businesses in your neck of the woods!

Here are 3 other ways you can get involved on Small Business Saturday, and beyond.

(By TODAY with our sponsor Small Business Saturday)

Plan an event

Put together an outing that’ll get your community excited, like a scavenger hunt. Team up with local businesses and organizations for your event, or work with them to share ideas and resources. The more the merrier!

Beyond a scavenger hunt, here are a few other ideas for possible events: A cookout, assuming the weather cooperates; a business tour (set up like a house tour); or even an open house.

Once your event is planned, spread the word, then come together and celebrate!

You can make the difference for small business owners throughout the year.Shutterstock

Promote your favorite small business using social media

Do you love a particular family-run restaurant? Or maybe your kids really like the local bookstore in town. Whatever you preference, don't be shy: share your finds on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Snapchat!

You can also encourage businesses to visibly display their social media accounts and any hashtags they use. Many business may be active on social...but you wouldn't know it without research.

Visit your town’s website or local merchant organization

From the local business bureau, to your town's official website, there may be a great deal of information available online if you're interested in learning more about the local businesses in your area.

If you find information, share it with family and friends in the area, or use it to inform you next shopping trip.

Happy shopping!



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